Meet wayfinder

Modular intelligent system

  • Modular & customizable
  • Protection (360 CAM / AR / NR)
  • Crowdmanagement
  • Face recognition
  • Hotspot / WiFi
Wayfinder modulair

Our Clients

Modular brilliance

Custom build to fit your needs

Wayfinder light and WiFi module
Light / Hotspot / WiFi
Wayfinder air module
Wayfinder 360 degrees camera module

Combine different modules to create your own Wayfinder.

After building, we fully intergrate your Wayfinder with existing infrastructures and explore the possibilities with custom build software to fit your every day needs.


One step ahead

Wayfinder camera module

Reacting on a situation is history. With the artificial intelligence in the Wayfinder you can predict and act on critical situations before they actually happen, without anyone noticing. With the Wayfinder camera module you have a 360 degrees view.

Realtime insights

Pro active notifications

The Wayfinder use artificial intelligent algorithms to support you with possible situations. When the Wayfinder detects different behaviour he will immediately notify the control room and gives suggestions how to solve the situation in the best possible way.

24/7 monitoring

We got your back!

We pro-active monitor all our Wayfinders in realtime. In case of an issue we will be notified and one of our technicians will be on his way to resolve this as soon as possible.